Glasses called „Karma“

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Perhaps this experience will be familiar to you. You live a karmic relationship. Although it initially looks like, it is not ideal. But you’re holding!  You feel that you’re not ideal, so if something scrubs, you will admit your share of guilt, , or take it on yourself whole and it goes further. Problems sometimes go wrong, you don’t feel happy, you don’t have too many common topics, you prefer both your thoughts and your friends . But that happens in all relationships, you’re thinking. After all, I will not run,  after all, everyone must retreat from their desires  in time. And so it goes round and round until complete exhaustion of all karmic energy and after consuming a reasonable portion of all pre-planned experiences, the crash comes!

At this point, strange things happen. What you previously perceived as a minor defect in a beauty will grow to enormous proportions. That, what you have overviewed and what you have with closed mouth tolerated, or what you have taken on yourself, it unfolds into higly visible size. From the mosquito is a camel before you could say „shoemaker .  Suddenly before you stands one whom you have seen through karmic glasses, stripped of his pink and his attributes are greatly amplified. Well, you only know a person when your break-up time comes. Either he behaves correctly  as a gentleman (for a gender balance – as a gentlewoman :-)) or as someone you would never want to be with.

And that’s the magic of karmic glasses. If we’re going to have karma with somebody, we’ll get those glasses on our eyes to make it seem fine at first. In order to jump as fast and without delay as possible into that flow, thinking that this river is floating in the dream ocean of light and love… The moment the necessary part was handed over to Mrs „Karma“ and we got exactly that experience  to the extent that was necessary, those glasses are removed. And it’s  sometimes very sharp and very unpleasant light….

It is so. The end of the karmic cycle that many of us are going through and going through these days, weeks and months will end with karmic relationships. It is a painful period, but necessary for the journey of our souls. If we did not see all sites of those we had observed through the pink karmic glasses for a long time, we would not have seen the truth in the highest consciousness… so there is no need to regret it. It’s exactly what we have to see.

In front of our eyes, these spectacles have a theatrical performance that takes us into action to experience deeply stored feelings and emotions that we have not let go of our bodies and our souls. Everything we carry across time and space from all past lives and from this life. Everything we don’t understand becomes part of this game. The sooner we understand, the sooner the curtain falls. Pink glasses will fall along with the curtain and we will suddenly find out who is standing against us. All of a sudden, we feel like he’s a stranger we don’t even recognize after years.


Author: Tina Energy



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