„It goes great, but it is not seeding.“

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The title of today’s article I dared to borrow from a classic Czech comedy „Mareček, Give Me a Pen!“. The idea of a seed machine that is well behind the tractor, but does not work, is perfectly suited for explaining: why, , when we do so much , there is no abundance .

It is good to explain how the creation of new energies is actually taking place. We are spinning the number Eight, energy through our Eight chakra of creation, placed between the knees. Through the heart to the chakra of God himself and back through our heart to our chakra Eight. Without intent, with love and full confidence. The more energy we send, the more it comes back to us the more energy is blown through the Eight, drawn between material and God.

In this case, our machine not only „walks“ but also „sows“. We climbed high enough and at the same time we managed to pull the „spirit“ into material. Energy flows through the Eight and we are able to fulfill in our material, everything what our soul desires.

At the same time, it is clear from the above what is wrong when we are not doing well in material reality, even though we are trying hard to do it. We make affirmations, try to smile at others, meditate, etc… but our dreams do not materialize yet and abundance in material reality does not come.

The disorder is somewhere on the „route“ between our eight chakra, our heart, and the divine chakra of creation. Either we turn to a side road and enjoy one of the carnival attractions instead of the highway to divine energy, which, for our distraction and confusion, has been built by the Matrix (we circulate in one of the pyramid pockets of non-consciousness), or we have not descended from the top back into matter and remain „hanging“ somewhere above.

Imagine energy balloons or, if you like, pockets into which your affirms, meditations, etc. we send energy and inflate them in material reality into vast proportions, while we wander somewhere in the pyramid of no – consciousness, we ride on swans on one of the carnival attractions, or we are hovering somewhere above the earth and do not want to return to our balloon. So we spend a lot of energy, , but we are sending it to a place other than where we are and we cannot release and use the accumulated energy.

So if we want our machine of creation not only to „walk“ but also „to create“, we have to balance everything.

Climbing to God and withdrawing his energy back into material reality.

Only then the Eight shaped machine starts running beautifully.

Author: Michael K.

Origin: www.skyenergytv.cz

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