(EN) Myths about the functioning of the Law of Attraction

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Like many other areas, this otherwise well-known space law suffers from the popularity of „The Secret“ and a series of Esther Hicks books and videos, myths. Since today’s revolutionary changes and new, extremely powerful energies, we need to know very well and exactly how this law works and how we can create it, or find out why some of our dreams do not materialize to us despite the hard work, let’s take a quick look at how this law works. He is already working damn fast today!

It would be foolish to think that in our material world we only create in „energies“ without having to lay our hands on the work. On the other hand, we cannot start from the bottom and start to create something against an impermeable energy wall.

I know a number of spiritually awakened people who strengthen their intentions daily by meditations, affirms, various requests, and are disappointed that the result in matter does not appear. For example, they explain that „it should not be so“, they are in doubt whether they work with energy in the right way, or have doubts about the functioning of this universal law at all.

It is good to know that creators, if they follow generally known advice, usually do the right thing. They just don’t know that their energy is only filling a pocket, or if you like, an energy drawer that fills up and fills at intangible levels, but it is missing the only one! It needs to be opened and withdrawn into the tangible. Therefore, if we expect things to happen on their own without being involved in their creation with their own energies at the material level, we live in great mistake.  God really doesn‘t  it for us. Just give us a huge support. That is, more precisely, the support that corresponds to the amount of energy invested in the project.

He is a principle that has been covered by various myths for the time being. Now, when God has entered into matter, respectively its energy has permeated even the lowest levels of consciousness, that makes more and more sense. We create our intention gradually in all levels of consciousness. From the highest, one by one, down to the lowest, to the tangible.

So, if we meditated a wall, we stand in front of a pile of bricks and expect that God  build it for us, we will be disappointed. If we get a slap and expect the attacker will be stopped by the angel’s ride without our efforts, we’ll probably get a big thrashing.

I quite understand that it’s a bit sad again. We have to clean up ourselves, and if we want something, we need to put our sleeves on it. And if we want to, or rather, to go in some direction, create something, experience something, change ourselves, our lives, relationships, partnerships, etc., we must first clean our way in energies, fill this space with energy of intent…. And then willy-nilly, to create this intention even in physical. Nobody really does it for us.

I would only conclude by saying that even though it is necessary to surrender your intentions and a whole path to God / Source / Supreme Consciousness / Creator from a certain level of consciousness, this law of attraction continues to function!

Author: Michael K

Source: www.skyenergytv.cz

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