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Let’s think a little about how it works on this planet, and how the person who thinks he has the right to decide on her destiny and her incarnated souls, is playing with us. Practically in all directions it follows the same algorithm. He does not roll flatly and with crushing power, but destroys, erodes, distracts from the essence of being and thus, using minimal energy, creates something that resembles somewhat fabulous „perpetual mobile“. It engages the energies of controlled beings so that they push themselves against each other, voluntarily and unconsciously. Imagine a pyramid that generates energy inside, diverting it to its peak, but instead of sending that energy away, at the very top it tilts it away and returns it to the wall. Thus, it creates a closed circle that does not escape. All layers of the pyramid generate different amounts of energy rising to its peak, and those who are involved in generating energy have no idea that they are actually pushing against themselves. They do not know that at the top of the pyramid there is no canal leading up, but just a hatch or turning that goes back down the pyramid wall.

But how to do it to make it work and prevent energy leakage?  After all, do God’s laws apply equally, and does the law of free will apply? No one will ever let his pyramid lock his energy voluntarily.

A powerful tool that is used to prevent anyone from leaping into such high vibrations and reaching the top of the pyramid is disharmony. Vibration deterioration. And to do this, different tools are used. Annoying the physical body with chemically modified foods, drugs, and other chemicals that are literally rolling on us from all directions, disgruntled by all sorts of invisible frequencies, dissonant tones, and a stream of information (more precisely, misinformation).

The basic principle of the control system is to create a seemingly harmonious system, an information system, an ideological or religious system whose last tones are dissonant.

Inside the pyramid, everything seems to go smoothly. You are already spreading butterfly wings and want to fly the sun, but at its top there will be an unpleasantly creaking sound, like a spoon on the bottom of an empty casserole and instead of going up, you suddenly roll down the pyramid wall.

And so it works over and over again and we still do not understand and try again and again in vain to spread wings and fly, and again and again we roll back.

Therefore, note very carefully the situations, information and stimuli that make us feel at the very top of the pyramid. One of them is undoubtedly information that „faces“ as connected to the Supreme Consciousness, but they still contain a certain percentage of dissonant elements.

Everything seems fine at first glance, but the last tone is false! It may be the intention of the artist, but it may not. It is enough for the disintegration of information to be cleared when someone who has not yet reached that level is released into the interpretation of information from higher levels of consciousness. Then there is often a non-harmonic freak, in a musical slang, a kind of “cats music”. And with those it seems, he recently tore a bag. Anyone is trying to be „in“ and with one to two day delays they embark on topics sent in pure form by their highest consciousness. He does not care to extract archaic interpretations of these themes which are already rolling by the energies of the new era, long overcome, and with their perseverance, still and constantly withdrawing the adepts of transformation back into the transition prehistoric. Therefore, it is very important to carefully examine what kind of information we are influencing, and especially to perceive their source. Let us accept them only in a pure, crystalline form and do not let the various „remakes“ of the originally pure information coming to the planet that are remelting and tuning!

You, who spread this information, know that it is sent by God – the Supreme Consciousness to the planet Earth in pure form. It must also be disseminated in this form. If you obtain this information, please pass it on as it is. Have the courage to pass them on in this form, including the source that has passed them and do not try to translate them in your own way, putting your ego into them and making your interpretation of them. You can mess things up.

Each of us has a place in the pyramid. They’re not hill climb races, but the orchestra’s interplay! Everyone has chosen their place in the playground in advance, so please hold it. Where our place is, information goes for us. Clean and undistorted. If we accept it purely and pass it in undistorted form, the orchestra harmonizes. If we try to play a role other than that for which we are intended, the orchestra is disgruntled. If the goalkeeper goes arbitrarily to the point of attack or the midfielder gets into the goal, it is a trouble. No one is more than another. They are great goalkeepers, great midfielder and great attackers.  Without a great  timpani who strikes when he has, the play of the first violin or orchestra won’t stand out. So we should be proud of every post we have chosen in this great game.

Therefore, do not try to chew on something that is not directly addressed to us, do not try to provide mediated information from somewhere we do not directly see, but give it purely, with love and humility what God has sent directly to us. Let’s believe it is exactly what we help ourselves and the whole orchestra.


Source: www.skyenergytv.cz

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