Transformation is a perfectly coordinated and planned intervention, not a cannon shot.

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The longer we sail the ocean energy transformation, the more it shows that the process is divinely perfectly planned, coordinated and responsive, while maintaining full respect for our free will.

This is a safe change!

The transformation itself is led by God, and its purpose is to change the level of consciousness, understanding and taking responsibility.

If we just realize this, we can pretty confidently navigate the tangle of information that the transformation flock from all sides.

For a better understanding, let’s answer a few questions:

Would it lead to a set target of suffering caused by war, a global disaster, or some other „force“ event?

Remember that such an event would paralyze the world, paralyze its functioning, affect billions of fates and lives at the moment, and burden the energy-information field with fear, pain and suffering of enormous proportions!

How would the planet rise with this burden?

And what about the huge energy wave that would at once „taken down“ all unprepared?

Let’s just imagine collapsing pilots of airplanes, drivers, surgical surgeons, and the subsequent global crippling of land and air traffic, health, financial systems, energy supply systems, and other vital systems.

Do you think that we would more easily come to the desired understanding in this situation?

And what about the fact that life on the planet is extinct and for some of us there are places in some space ships ready? What raises this information in you?

Concerns, insecurity, the feeling that we are in the hands of some unknown and possibly non-existent beings? Frustration that we do not have the chance to keep life on the planet and all our work and transformation of the planet is therefore useless? Yes, that is exactly what our feelings will be if we accept this message.

And what about the divine plan?

Would God have planned a way of extinction on planet Earth? Would he incorporate pain, suffering and frustration into his plan?

But who then repeatedly spreads information about cataclysm and the extinction of life on Earth? And with what goal?

Does this source of information not only want to frighten us, to nourish our fear and suffering, as it has done so many times, to reduce the vibration of the planet and delay or thwart its rise?

And is it not the man who has repeatedly maneuvered this wonderful planet into the restarts of life and repeatedly led the creature living on it with karmic wheels?

Isn’t he the one who spreads a vision of fear and wants to create it again (now in vain!)?

Although the answers to these questions seem clear to me and I don’t feel the need to deliver anything, I will add my personal experience at the end.

I walk the path of transformation with my Twin Flame, Tinka exactly a year. During that time we went through a huge amount of transformation cleaning and testing. We were subjected to enormous pressures, never suffering. Trials or burdens always came when it was the „right “time”. They did not interfere with our job responsibilities, they never came when we could endanger ourselves or anyone else, through the passing of energy. Their purpose was one. Lead us to understanding.

Therefore, I have no reason to think that it will be with anyone else, or perhaps with the planet Earth itself, otherwise!

In our experience, although the whole process is very challenging, it is very meaningful, sensitive, considerate and loving and pain is caused only by our resistance, fear, and mistrust.

So the answers, to the questions asked, seem pretty clear to me. There’s only one thing I don’t know about: Why have we, all who are transforming, not yet come to that ?

Author: Michael K


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