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The Planet Earth and life on it is a wonderful work of God.  It has been home to our souls for billions of years.  She was born as a beautiful, colourful and fresh creature, full of love, abundance, and living happiness. This is remembered by our souls, who for many years enjoyed her beauty, generosity, wealth and love. God knows, at what point our souls have decided to experience an experience that has left us away from purity, love and humility, from home, from the Source of all that is. We have volunteered on it in an effort to experience untapped and to experience unrecognized, to seek out all the shades of love in matter, to experience adventure and excitement. At that moment we were still small children. Clearly clean, unapproved and trustworthy. We did not know what awaits us and how far we are able to go on our journey. Or souls sprouted behind new experiences and began to enjoy the new dimensions of being, the new experiences of love, all the nooks of so many interesting worlds. In that joy of learning, we did not even notice that he was kneeling in the hours, and the dark and darkness began to spread slowly in the landscape, and we were getting further and further from home, from Sources, from real, pure and unconditional love. In this passion we have not noticed that we are increasingly moving away from our divine essence, the light, God, home. And we have forgotten that along with us the once-once-so-beautiful planet has been moving away from the safety of our divine arms.

Now is the time to return. Many have already changed their course of action and decided to come back home. Only a few are still on their way, but they are still growing and their current is massive. It’s as if old acquaintances met again. They may be aged, bruised, wounded and tired, but their spirits are still the same spark, as they had last seen. They have already decided to go on their way, only their wounds and loads will not allow them to find it.

Then they try to ask for assistance from the guard who is so faithfully led by the darkness to the very threshold of the house of light, at the foot of that divinely pure pyramid of consciousness. So far, they have not yet understood that these creatures only know the dark path. They can escort them to the threshold of the light house, but then they have to say goodbye to them. The path of light is just ours.

At the beautiful light gate, the wizards ask the wanderer the question: „Do you want to stay with us or go on a journey into the divine light?“

At that moment, many pilgrims will stop. They can not say good-bye to their good old friends. They do not know what awaits them behind those beautiful golden gates, and they are afraid they will lose themselves in that beautiful space full of light. Therefore, they would prefer to catch the guards faithfully in their armpits, like old good friends, and would rather go back to the seemingly safe world they know so well and from whose borders they can not make the light go. They prefer to know the monster than the infinitely clear all-pervasive glow.

Those who find the courage to leave everything old will say goodbye and boldly step into the world of seemingly new, nevertheless theirs souls so close. But where to go?  All the old remained behind them, and their true home is still far away.  So how to find the right path? How to cure your injuries to keep us not off the road? How to get over that huge distance as quickly as possible? How do not you hurt yourself? How to deal with everything that hurt us so much? Those who have accompanied us till now, they stayed in the dark and we were left alone. Helpless and with a sense of abandonment, with a feeling of loss. It seems to us that we might rather go back. To the safety of the old world, which is still in sight.   Then we go back to his door and wonder what next?

In that moment, someone touch us lightly and quietly  over the shoulder … ..It is a very gentle, yet completely unimaginable, loving perception. We feel the energy of home …

We turn towards the light. And then we’ll notice. There are news around us. They appear as if they are from nowhere and disappear again. We know that they accurately reflect the state of our soul only here and now. For this unique moment, for this moment. We do not know how, but we know for sure that they are here to help us. They accurately mirror what we just feel. They help us penetrate the depths of our souls to understand. To turn in the right direction. To throw away unnecessary loads exactly where we drop them. In order to avoid the difficulty to pass the tests we have to go through precisely when it is the best for us and find a single slump, where to screech the seemingly impassive wall.

They have different forms. We know for sure which ones are meant for us. They appear more and more often. At different places, with varying urgency, some are constantly being repeated. We find that they are divinely accurate. They want only one from us. To be honest to ourselves. Let’s stop wondering where we stand. Let’s not bother with what we’re doing. In order not to carry more in our backpacks the old unnecessary  amulets, old tools that no longer serve, or rests of old snack, and do not hesitate tothrow up them. In order to be able to be cleansed, healed and allowed to be finally free …

What about the planet Earth, who has faithfully descended with us into the darkest corners of everything what is? Who suffered so much when we hurt her, disconnected from the Source, that wept when we were hurting each other and sending our wrath to the whole universe, and still loving us with sadness in her eyes and pain ? While we focused our attention on the many skirmish, struggles, anger and hopelessness that surrounded us, we overlooked that this beautiful planet decided! Long time ago. She made her way before the first morning pilgrims. Right at dawn. She knew she would go alone or with us. And we finally added …

There is a time of transformation. It is not easy, but it is necessary. It will not be an apocalypse ending with the extinction of all life, it will not be a time full of terror and horror, it will not be a punishment for our sins. Indeed, God, who has invited us on this journey back and prepared a detailed plan to the smallest detail, would not be able to do anything like that to his children. Only we would be able to destroy ourselves in our own delusions, we would be able to harm the loving planet Earth and ourselves, no one else.

What changes our lives and destinies, what changes the planet Earth, the universe and all that is  within us. Therefore, there is no point in depriving the storm, destruction, war, pain and decay. These tools can not change human consciousness back into love and understanding. Suffering and pain in our souls would only deepen, they would be mere punishment without understanding, and nothing would be achieved.

This unique process must therefore be based on the change of consciousness of each of us, the indispensable assumption of which is the COMPREHENSION. Only that can direct our steps in the right direction. Not destruction and pain.

And since we have the free will that God absolutely respects, we need to find a tool that warns us that we are going the wrong way. The pains, illnesses, or other difficulties we are experiencing on the road are just here to understand that we are going the wrong way and finding the way of our soul. Once we understand, all the ghosts, all the nightmares, all the pains of the body or the sufferings at the level of the souls, leave us at one moment. Once, we stop knowingly or unconsciously  hold on what stops us from our journey in the light, we will be truly free. We can freely create.

At last we will be able to enjoy every moment of our lives, as a great gift, without the burden of the past and without fear of the future, with love, joy and enthusiasm, and will be able to freely and unconditionally create. This big change must take place inside each of us. Then the beautiful and unique path opens to us.

So let’s get rid of the fear and get on the way home. That we do not know where? We still have a lot of helpers around us who like to show us the way.


Author: Michael K.

Origin: www.skyenergytv.cz

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