What influences our lives and „lived happiness“

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Imagine such a locomotive. Immediately after production, puts it on the rails, leaves the production hall at the station and then drives and drives and runs until the end of its life. Then they dismantle it, remelting it and make a new model. A moment spent in Depot and drives and drives again… And so it happens over and over again. No way to get out of the rails, no way to get out of the timetable. Ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times, a million times …

And that’s how it is with us.

Before we descend into the physical body, we will be layed down our tracks and set the timetable. Since the prenatal stage, they have been examining us regularly to see if we fit their tables. If our size, or shape, does not correspond to the so-called „normal“, in that second of our development, the stress and fears of our parents , frightened researcher, who holds a table in his hand, and reproaching his finger in the appropriate box are released into us. And after birth, it will only become interesting! At the reception we get the needle into the body and then we are dragged, pushed, and nudged from mark to mark, from station to station, from cradle to the last road of our life.

Vaccination, nursery, kindergarten, enrollment, school, school report, entrance exams, punches clocks, open space, reports, meetings, holiday, wedding, building, 2 children, mortgage, tax return, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, gastric ulcers, pressure pills, gall bladder surgery, pension insurance, doctor check, hospital and… ultimately freedom?

But no! Just shake a little in the net, expanding around our planet and back on track.

We may not even know what has helped us keep it in that round, for thousands of years and prepare us for energy. Thousands of duties the system imposes on us. All sorts of reports, confessions, payments, holidays and whatever. And everything with the words „YOU HAVE TO !!!“. Stacks of prejudices about how you should look, where to live and how to live on. If you are out, you are condemned and dissmissed.

At school, the children who have come from dysfunctional families are putting their frustrations in part on other children, partly on poor teachers who are forced by the system, to put into the children the hundreds of milled „truths“, or rather half-truths and untruths, completely detached from reality, in majority. They completely miss the real needs of children who originally came to school with curiosity and interest.

And what about the job? The „rat run“ and the high mortgage eventually make a careerist „elbower“ almost everyone. The „split and rule“ system works alone, and the ruler of the black pyramid can sit quietly in his leather chair and melt his happy thumbs with a satisfied smile , in his satisfied grinder.

And it can look forward to the next dose of our energy when we come home!

Billions of people on this planet are forced by the system to live in dysfunctional relationships. They are chosen by partners for a variety of “rational” reasons (or choose them themselves) and feel bad in partner relationships. Subsequently, obstacles of all kinds (social, legal, economic) are put to them so they cannot leave these dysfunctional relationships. These unfortunates are afraid to step into stormy waters, so they prefer to clench their teeth and worry so long as they are in „peace and quiet“ till they are swallowed by some illness or addiction.

And what about the wider family? In many cases, people who do not have anything to say are forced into conversation and so-called „in a good mood“ meet on duty on various „important occasions“.

And so we could continue to infinity… There is simply a power that sucks energy in different ways. Silently, inconspicuously, but with massive flow. Currents and inevitably, until we realize it and interrupt the flow of energy with our understanding.

And right now, a moment has come, when the planet Earth has decided her non-consciousness to cleanse from all these burdens

.So let us be surprised at how it affects our lives.

Author: Michael K

Source: www.skyenergytv.cz

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